Become a thinArc Reseller

As a reseller of thinArc we offer a range of partner agreement options. The difference between the packages is determined by involvement and responsibility; call us to discuss what option is best for you.

The benefits of reselling our thinArc solutions

thinArc is a better solution for Small to Medium Businesses

As SME's look to become more competitive and efficient, they will increasingly look to ways to improve business productivity and ways to drive operating costs down, Cloud Computing addresses both of these issues and will become the default service for businesses in the years to come. Cloud Computing services allow businesses to get back to focusing on their core business and activities that generate revenue, instead of managing the infrastructure needed to support these activities.

We package and deliver the Clients additional Software Apps FOR FREE

As part of our service we will package your customer's business software so that it can be delivered from the Cloud and we'll do this at no additional charge for most applications.

thinArc is delivered from Australian Data Centres not overseas sites

Unlike many Cloud Services offered in Australia, all our Cloud Infrastructure is 100% based in Australia and we are a 100% owned Australian company. This means faster services, better security and peace of mind.

thinArc is designed to make you money

Unlike many IT business models, Cloud Computing provides a predictable and reliable income. It's a profitable model creating ongoing recurring revenue, it offers the ability to increase the value and saleability of your business as well as simplify the way you do business. It helps you offer better, more cost effective solutions to your clients and this builds better relationships - and that is the recipe for a successful business.

We are committed to supporting you at every level including marketing and lead generation.

We believe our success comes from your success; we are looking for true partners who have the same attitudes when it comes to providing the highest level of customer service.

We will help you generate business through joint marketing programs as well as invest in direct marketing of the thinArc solution, marketing that will generate opportunities that we will pass on directly to our partners. We will work with you on specific opportunities and our sales support resources are always available to meet with your clients and help you demonstrate the value of thinArc Cloud services. We will provide you with a range of sales resources, sales tools, marketing and white paper documents and a customised partner portal to manage all your thinArc opportunities.

We offer you sales support to help you secure business.

Our pre-sales team as well as our technical specialists are all trained to help you build your thinArc user base. Whether it be developing user specific solutions or helping you demonstrate the value of thinArc, our team is here to help you.

We will never compete with you when it comes to selling thinArc. We will only sell direct if we have no partners available.

Unlike many vendors we will never compete with our Channel Partners. Large or small, it doesn't matter, if a partner has an opportunity and registers it then we will support them all the way.

We offer you better post-sales support, with local people at the end of the line.

When you need answers, you want to know you can make a phone call and talk to someone, our support team are local, experienced and available and ready to help 24x7.

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